Competition Format

7 teams compete 42 races over 6 meetings for over £2m prize money

Ireland > London & The South > Scotland > The East >
The North > Wales & The West > Yorkshire


Each team consists of:
Team Manager - who will decide team selection for each race
Group of trainers - representing the region
Jockeys - selected by the team manager via a draft, ride exclusively for one team during the competition


Each team will enter two runners in each race except for one at Wolverhampton
Each race will have a field of 14 runners except the 7 races at Wolverhampton when each race will have a field of 13 runners
All races are handicap with a range of ratings bands
Race distances and Class/rating bands are to be confirmed
BHA normal distribution for race prize money

Race distances

Each meeting will have 7 races over a mixture of distances:
5 furlongs
6 furlongs
7 furlongs
8 furlongs
10 furlongs
11 furlongs
12 furlongs
15 furlongs

The Joker

Each Team Manager will have the opportunity to play a Joker in any two of the 42 Racing League races when there are at least 12 horses running (or 11 horses running at Wolverhampton due to the restriction of 13 runners there).
The Joker will double the points won by the two horse representing the team in that race
* When played, the team will receive double points in the given race but it is not applied to individual jockey points.*

Prize Money:

Over £2m prize money is up for grabs
Prize money is distributed to owners, trainers, jockeys and yards as per standard BHA distribution
Plus an additional:
£50,000 winner-takes-all prize for the winning team
£35,000 prize pool to the winning team jockeys
£20,000 to the jockey that scores the most individual points over the competition

Horse Racing Terms explained

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Owners & Trainers

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